X Block stimulates the imagination

X Block™ is a unique, innovative toy building-block concept that kick-starts imaginative play, brings joy and provides children with opportunities to build and develop their creativity. Playing with X Block™ strengthens the motor skills of children and the young at heart, ages 1 to 100.
The plastic building blocks are developed and produced in Denmark, will last for up to 20 years and comply with the Statutory Order on Toys.
This makes X Block™ a safe investment for childcare centres, after-school care facilities and schools that want to provide children with a unique, educational way to play outdoors that is never the same experience twice, and where the only limit is their imagination.



The starter package will give You endless possibilities for exploring, stimulating and challenging the imagination, as well as endless possibilities for building creative constructions.

 The starter package includes:

45 pcs. red X 8 Block
30 pcs. yellow X Board 8
20 pcs. green X Fix


X Block have a CE mark, meaning that they are approved as toys in the EU.


All X Block™ products have a CE mark, meaning that they are approved as toys in the EU. They fit together when stacked in a brickwork pattern, and are therefore very stable. We encourage you to build them up high, but children should not play on top of blocks without adult supervision