What does our costumers say?:

Mail from Children's House Swan in Lyngby, Denmark:

The red X Block blocks came - they are absolutely amazing - and at very high course on the playground. Both shops and houses are being built. The other day, the children made a stage and invited everyone to circus performances. Today a balancing course has been built and both children and adults had a party. The children use the bricks to put on top of each other - we look forward to building with the bricks shifted to each other. The green - X Fix - uses the children to collect and count and sort. The yellow - X Board - is popular as table tops / seats. 

On behalf of the teachers in the Children's House Swan, Christian X's Allé 99, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Mail from Duetten in Vanløse, Denmark:

The games that the children themselves create with and around the bricks are enormously dynamic. They do not necessarily have a predetermined formula for the final result, and are free to use their imagination and creativity. The construction process is often the key in the design games with X Block and this process promotes both the children's imagination, creativity and playtime. The blocks are also used in more organized activities, where the educators design different physics and activities that support the children's development. Work with X Block can easily support the 6 curriculum themes and there are many hours of play and learning for children and adults alike.

Educational leader in Duetten, Vanløse, Denmark. Nils Ebbe Hansen

How do you use your X Blocks?

Lets inspire each other! We would love to see all of your many amazing constructions and read about how You are playing with X Block.

So please feel free to send us pictures and videos or write us a mail with all of your great ideas. Great videos, pictures and ideas will be published on the site, and we will of course make sure that no faces will be shown without the accept from the parents.
You can send pictures, videos and mails to us here: xblock@xblock.dk